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Sumer and spring are known to be seasons of change and nourishment. Spring specifically is the season of new beginnings and growth. It’s the perfect time to shrug off the winter slump and start fresh. It’s time to spring clean your life and all things that give your life meaning. Here’s a few ideas,

House spring clean

Loud music in the morning and washing curtains and windows. This season, whether you are staying on your own or still with your family, it’s the best time to spring clean your space. This means taking out winter layers of blankets, changing curtains, deep cleaning your house, and washing your windows. A deep cleaned space welcomes a new season and can-do wonders in getting rid of the winter blues.

Wardrobe spring clean

The famous saying “when you look good, you feel good” is so true Choma, and spring cleaning your wardrobe can be an instant mood booster. Cleaning your wardrobe means taking out all the winter jerseys and putting back your summer dresses, and sandals out. It also means giving away clothes you no longer need.

Health spring clean

Did winter leave you with a bunch of unhealthy habits? It’s probably time to get back into the swing of things with a healthy spring clean. This can be done by changing your diet, getting back into your physical fitness and regular health screenings.

Remember, your overall health is the most important thing that you can take care of.

Relationship spring clean 

Refining your relationships with others is one way to spring clean your life. You are constantly changing and growing, and so should your relationships. Focus on relationships that make you feel happy and fulfilled.  If you’re constantly getting negative energy from some people, you may want to ask yourself if you want to put any more time and effort into that relationship. Here’s how to foster healthy relationships.

Social media spring clean

It’s important to give your phone and social media a good clean up from time to time. Are there toxic photos, text messages or contacts you need to get rid of? What about your social media, does that need a spring clean? Taking a break from social media can do wonders for our mental health. It’s also a good idea to unfollow people or pages that no longer resonate with your journey in life.

Spring cleaning your life is a healthy habit that you should get into regularly because it gives you peace of mind and motivates you to get rid of the things or people that bring negativity to your life and disturb your inner peace. What will you be spring cleaning this season?

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