“This Daniella Will Cheat On Her Husband If She Get Married” Reactions As Daniella Confesses Feelings For Dotun, See His Response (VIDEO)

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 the Big Brother Naija eviction show yesterday, Dotun told Ebuka his feelings for Daniella are genuine and he is definitely going after what he feels.

Few minutes later, he gave Daniella a very tight hug as she survived eviction. Daniella confessed her feelings for him, however, she told him to back off because she doesn’t trust her actions.

Daniella: I can’t say I don’t have feelings for you.

Dotun: Should I step back

Daniella: confusedly nods her head

Dotun: Its hard

Dotun has aspirations of taking over the entertainment industry and counts being crowned Mr. Tourism Nigeria 2018 as a proud moment, alongside graduating as one of the University of Ibadan’s top students in his specialty a week later.

One of his favourite pastimes is to walk around shirtless, something he notes usually irritates insecure guys. “I’m opinionated and confident, and some people don’t like it much,” he says, when quizzed about habits that may rub his fellow Housemates up the wrong way.

In a recent news a conversation with a few other housemates on Big Brother Naija, Chomzy gently indicated that Bella might be the one encouraging Sheggz’s behavior toward her. Bella, according to Chomzy, is extremely disrespectful and still converses with Sheggz.


Bella is very disrespectful, she doesn’t respect Sheggz and talks to him anyhow she likes.. she always like insulting people..I have canceled my friendship with her.

Last night, Bella and Sheggz almost broke up after another fight. Their conversation:

Bella: You said leaving here you might go back to your girl, I can’t be that stup.id. Afterall you said you spoke with her a week before you entered the house . If you want to go back to her you can do so.

Sheggz: So what do you want?

Bella: I want this over 🥲


Bella: Everyday you will say you will break up with me, am i handicapped or something? Please stop it … everyday love love love .You said i disrespect you but today you just said the worst thing..each time we talk you will bring up your ex ..i see you can’t forget about her .

Sheggz: Baby come ..hold my hands.

Sheggz: Baby I’m sorry i was joking.
I didn’t mean it
Babes I’m sorry

Bella: You are always talking about breaking up with me and that’s not nice
When you go back to UK you and your girl might see .
Look at you are kneeling down…why are you kneeling down ?

Sheggz: It’s because i love you😀

Bella : No .. stand up please.
Don’t know if your family might even like me..they might say I’m stubborn.

Sheggz: No ooo baby..i want to love your family, your mom , your brothers , your sisters.

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