Just In: PH Big Girl Dies In Bid To Enhance Her Body!

A friend of the PH Big Girl, took to Twitter to call out the clinic where her friend did plastic surgery which led to her untimely demise.

It was gathered that the young lady was named Christabel died in the hospital in Lagos

Her friend said before her death, she complained to the hospital that she was experiencing bleeding and she was told by the said clinic doctor that it was normal and it will stop but the reverse was the case.

When Christabel’s friends didn’t hear from her for some days, they visited the hospital to search for their friend and they were allegedly given a letter that Christabel’s corpse had been deposited at the morgue. The hospital didn’t bother to reach out to her friends and families about the tragic death of their friend Christabel.

The issue was reported to the authorities to do a thorough investigation about the untimely demise of their friend to make sure justice is served.

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