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During lockdown we’ve seen most people trying to be creative and find ways of making money. Trying to make it as a musician isn’t easy. With YouTube, you have the opportunity to kickstart your music career and get your music out there.

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Do you have a full-time job and are looking for a great side hustle? Or perhaps you’re a student looking to take a leap of faith with your musical talent. No matter your reasons for seeking out your passion, if you have thought about the possibilities of starting a music career with YouTube, you need to know how to build one effectively.


1. Create a Business Plan

Like with anything, you need to have a plan. What do you envision yourself doing for each video? Do you want to teach people how to make their own music, or do you want to create pop remixes or background tracks for an audience to download? You’re still free to expand on whichever niche you choose, but it’s smarter to start small at the beginning of any career.

Next, create a budget. This could be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. What kind of musical equipment will you be using? You may want to invest in a high-quality microphone, a DSLR camera, hard drives, a MIDI keyboard, or a faster laptop. Will you need to pay for a subscription to use Adobe Audition, or will you use programs like Reaper? How much will this cost you?

4. Make High-Quality Content Regularly

Once you’ve figured out your competition and uncovered what music videos you want to make, content planning is the next important step. What will you be contributing weekly? How often do you want to be posting content? What will the average viewing time be? You don’t want your videos to drag on for too long either, so keep that in mind.

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With YouTube, viewers value consistency, passion, and overall high-quality content, but it’s also important to set your hours and allow time for work but also for relaxation. You don’t want to burn yourself out. Remember to make content you’re good at, it will establish authority in your niche, whether that be producing electronic music or providing piano lessons. And it’s also a good idea to make yourself familiar with good video recording and editing techniques, this will level up your videos.

5. Increase Your Engagement

One of the most important things when building an online business of any kind is engaging with others, fans and non-fans alike. With YouTube, this can be done in a variety of ways.

Firstly, you want to nail your thumbnail, and you can do this by piecing together a clear, catchy image along with bold text to make it pop. This can make you and your brand more identifiable. Here is how to make the perfect thumbnail for your YouTube videos to impress your audience.

You can also use a multitude of tools to assist with your YouTube channel engagement. Use programs like Hootsuite to track your analytics such as performance over time; this can make it easier for you to understand what your audience wants. Don’t forget to create social media accounts that will link back to your channel as well; Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram can make a world of difference when it comes to getting people to your pages. And remember to interact with your followers, reply to their comments and DMs as much as possible.

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