Gistnobs Helped My Musical Career To Gain Recognition

Nigerian Singer and Songwriter Tangible Sunofsonx takes us through his musical journey as the Afrobeat star reveals the secret behind his success, fame and recognition

How can you describe your journey in the music industry so far

Experience and that’s because in the course of it I’ve seen the good, bad, and the ugly, and all these factors put together have all made me a better person

Tell us how did the name Tangible Sunofsonx and the slang “ALERI” become a household name and anthem in the mouths of Nigerians Africans and the world at large

First of all, I’ll say it’s God’s grace and secondly Gistnobs and I’ll always and forever be grateful cause without them both I don’t know what the journey would have been like.
If anyone told me that people like Gistnobs will cross my path and make an impact in my career I wouldn’t have believed it but God made it happen
Gistnobs is an angel to me I say this because when I was in my lowest moment he came in and brighten plus gave me a reason to keep going and funny enough we’ve never met before but yet he showed me love that I call divinely spiritual
He is like the brother I never have and I pray God continues to bless and Increase him
Love you bro I’ll forever be grateful Baba

What’s the inspiration behind your hit song “Aleri”

The sound I’ll say because I connected immediately I heard it and there I knew and said to myself “I no go let you go abeg Icez I won jump on this sound because like this enhh I don fall in love with am I swear down’
So I went home with it and day’s later we voiced it and boom that’s it

How do you feel about the positive comments about “Aleri” and the “No Excuse EP”

I feel blessed and happy because I wasn’t too sure the No Excuse EP will be widely accepted and appreciated this way I mean the first few weeks I received calls from so many people commending me,I recall when DJ Flex called me I was all over the moon even when Hojay commended me and so many important and well-respected people in the industry I couldn’t believe my eyes
But most importantly the positive energy I’ve been receiving is a motivation and encouragement for me to do more

What else should we be expecting from Tangible Sunofsonx

More dope vibes coz I wanna keep the fans and love 💯 and this time I’ve got real good stuff coming from my kitchen and believe me you is gonna shake the world I tell u

Are we to expect an album or an EP

I’m working on an EP and myself, producer and entire team are doing everything possible to make the few months remaining in 2021 to be enjoyable and memorable for everyone

How many track EP and when do we expect it to drop

It is a 7track EP and as for the date just keep your fingers cross coz it’s definitely gonna be 2021 but as for the month and date I can’t say for now

How can your fans, music lovers, and everyone reach you

It’s @Sunofsonx Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while on Tiktok it’s @Tangible_Sunofsonx

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