According to a study, covid increases the risk of mental illness and brain disease for up to two years after infection.

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Mental health and neurological diagnoses were more common in the two years after Covid, researchers ... [+]  GETTY


A significant study that has been published in the medical journal Lancet Psychiatry on Wednesday sheds more light on the long-term health effects of the Covid-19 virus as nations around the world prepare to live with it. It found that people who have had the virus are more likely to develop neurological and mental health conditions, such as seizures, dementia, psychotic disorders, and brain fog, two years after infection.


There is a higher risk of developing conditions like dementia, seizures or epilepsy, brain fog, and psychotic disorders like schizophrenia when diagnosed with Covid-19, according to an analysis of electronic health records from nearly 1.3 million people over a two-year period who received the diagnosis. This risk is higher than that of people who had other respiratory infections.

The research, which mostly consulted U.S. health records, also discovered that individuals have an elevated

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