Ac Milan And Inter Milan Finally Agree To Demolish The Great San Siro Stadium

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San Siro, one of the most recognizable football stadiums in the world, will be completely destroyed.

According to the Italian publication La Gazzetta dello Sport, the homes of AC Milan and Inter will be entirely demolished following the 2026 Winter Olympics to make room for a new £1 billion stadium.

The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, also known as San Siro, will share a site with the new facility, dubbed “The Cathedral.”

Initially, it was intended for parts of San Siro to remain standing while the new stadium was being built.

One of the spiral stairs that make up the stadium’s recognizable facade was among them.

stadium will be destroyed to create room for a brand-new stadium with 60,000 seats.

According to the plans, San Siro will be destroyed following the 2026 Winter Olympics opening ceremony.

But before the stadium, which was built in 1926 and is owned by the City of Milan, is demolished, there must be a public discussion.

It is hoped that if the demolition is approved, construction on the new stadium can start in 2024 with a goal of opening for the 2027–28 season.

The ideas for the new, cutting-edge stadium, which is intended to be the “best in Europe,” were announced by AC Milan and Inter last year.

A glass wall that encloses a room referred to as a “sunlit galleria” will be supported by vertical fins that will surround the rectangular stadium and extend outwards from them.

Its design is credited to the Duomo di Milano and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, two of Milan’s most illustrious structures.

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Despite the new stadium’s lower capacity compared to the 80,000-seat San Siro, Inter and AC Milan anticipate a rise in revenues of €120 million (£105 million).

Ivan Gazidis, the chief executive of AC Milan, acknowledged that it was a difficult decision to demolish San Siro when he first announced the plans last year.

The club’s website quoted Gazidis as saying, “I understand the doubts since San Siro is a special venue, but it’s vital to have bravery.

Feelings are real and unquestionable. No one will ever be able to completely erase the memories of San Siro because it is not conceivable.

“Every successful league in the globe built brand-new stadiums that provided an amazing and inclusive experience for the fans.

“We have all the necessary ingredients, including football, people, and supporters. I envision a fantastic future for you; all you need is guts.

A vital step if we want to once again be at the top of the football world is building new stadiums.

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