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A British couple has shared quite a bizarre account of their relationship where the guy has led to some serious struggle for her lover.

Vikki Brown says her partner, Lucas Martin, has more than 100 erections in 24 hours and she is tired because the guys always want her under the sheets.

The woman, 31, says she is really struggling to cope and lead a normal life because her boyfriend experiences extreme appetite per day.

Brown revealed that the 39-year-old gets automatically aroused every time he sees her and says this started when they met in 2020.

“From the beginning until now, wherever we are, he can have an erection. We only have to be sat watching a film, walking down the street or going to friends for a coffee and he’s got an erection – there’s no rest from it at all,”she is quoted by New York Post.

In his response, the tall guy says he has never experienced such as he looked back at his previous relationships.

It is reported that the couple also consulted a doctor who didn’t pick up any abnormalities but it was all because of his desire for his beautiful queen.

“It just seems to be natural. I’ve got a wonderful woman next to me. She’s a goddess. She only needs to look at me and speak to me, and I get hungry for it,” he said.

The two lovebirds first met at a local supermarket during the lockdown, it was love at first sight for the guy but Brown denied him as she enjoyed being single.

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“We actually met in my favorite supermarket, Morrisons. I was in my uniform with wet hair and a mask on, and as we were lining up, he walked around the corner with a massive piece of fillet steak in his basket and said, ‘Wow aren’t you beautiful,” Browns reflected.

“We got speaking, and I turned down three coffee dates at the start because I was so happy being on my own.”

After numerous attempts to lure the lovely woman, Brown eventually succumbed to pressure and they agreed to meet Martins for a coffee, and the pair soon started a relationship. 

Having been in each other’s arms for two years, Martins’ appetite has not died down thus leaving the 31-year-old wondering if there are other couples who experienced the same thing.

“Through the whole relationship he’s always had an erection — in shops, restaurants, the gym,” Brown stated. 

“I just wondered if any other couples are the same. Sometimes it’s embarrassing, but he just laughs about it.

“He can go to sleep with an erection and wake up with one, even though he does night shifts, there’s no change in it at all.

“It’s every single place we are. We can be having a perfectly normal everyday conversation like, ‘Shall we go and climb this mountain next weekend and he has an erection. I can come down the stairs and walk past the glass door and be in the next room, and it still happens.”

It is now reported that a dedicated woman says Martins’ constant desire for lovemaking means she sometimes struggles to do her chores and appointments while satisfying his sexual desires.

Main Image: Vicki Brown and Lucas Martins/New York post

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