Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship

Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship – The Jimmy Rane Foundation was established to send deserving students to college. Since then, the Foundation has awarded 560 scholarships to well-deserving students.

These hard-working and outstanding students have taken these scholarships all over the country to institutions including Auburn, Alabama, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Indiana, Troy, Duke, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Georgia, and many more.

Over the years, the Jimmy Rane Foundation has awarded 560 college scholarships to outstanding and deserving students. The awards are given with the idea and hope that these students will one day return the favor to someone else in need.

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Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship Eligibility

The eligibility criteria to be considered for a Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship are as follows:

  1. Scholarships from the Foundation shall be used only at an institution that normally maintains a regular faculty and curriculum and normally has a regularly organized body of students in attendance at the place where the educational activities are carried on, and that is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as being accredited by recognized accrediting agencies;
  2. Employees of Great Southern Wood Preserving, Incorporated, its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, and their immediate family members and/or those living in the same household are not eligible.
  3. Students must certify that they did not participate as a student-athlete (whether on partial or full athletic scholarship or otherwise) in intercollegiate sports during the prior semester (or quarter, if applicable) or academic year and will not participate as a student-athlete in intercollegiate athletics during the coming semester (or quarter, if applicable) or academic year.
  4. Students seeking degrees through online or distance learning programs exclusively shall not be eligible for Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarships;
  5. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 for graduating high school seniors;
  6. Students enrolled full-time as a high school senior, progressing normally toward graduation in the Spring/Summer of 2023, with plans to enter college no later than the Fall following graduation OR students enrolled full-time as a college freshman or sophomore, no older than 20 years of age as of August 1, 2023, and progressing normally toward a bachelor’s degree;
  7. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 for college applicants;
  8. All applicants must reside (permanent home address) in one of the following states or the District of Columbia: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia or West Virginia.
  9. U.S. citizenship or permanent resident;
  10. Online/distance learning courses are permitted when a part of the required curriculum is taught in the campus environment and when such course is only available online or through distance learning.
  11. Jimmy Rane Foundation scholars are students who exhibit academic excellence, leadership skills, and community involvement as well as activities, awards, and honors, and who have a demonstrated financial need to attend college. They must demonstrate their desire and ability to overcome barriers and achieve their goals. Your application will be evaluated on your:
  •  Future goals and plans to achieve them
  •  Successful preparation as a high school student to prepare and pursue a college education
  •  Self-motivation in completing challenging coursework
  •  Demonstration of financial need.

Deadline and Opening Dates

The 2023 Jimmy Rane Foundation scholarship application will open on December 1st, 2022. The application deadline is February 6th, 2023.

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How To Apply for Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship

If you have an interest in Applying for the Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship, all applicants can register & log in at the official website.

Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship Amount

The Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship award amount varies depending on the need of the student. The award amount ranges from $500 to $5,000 per year. The award may be renewed annually for a maximum of four academic years (or eight semesters) as long as all requirements are fulfilled.

Winners 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the winners notified? Are all applicants notified?
Awardees are notified personally, by phone in mid-April. All other applicants are notified by email.

I missed the deadline. Can I still apply?
Due to a large number of applicants, no applications will be accepted after the deadline.

Is there a fee to apply?

I am a home-schooled student. Can I apply?

Is there an age limit?
Yes. You must be a graduating high school senior and no older than 20 years of age as of August 1, 2023.

I received a General Education Diploma (GED). Can I apply?
Yes. If you are no older than 20 years of age as of August 1, 2023, and will have received your GED by June 30, 2023, you are eligible to apply.

I am currently in college. Can I apply?
If you are currently attending college as a freshman or sophomore and are no older than 20 years of age as of August 1, 2023, you may apply.

Is there a minimum SAT or ACT score requirement?

What if my SAT or ACT score changes after I submit my application?
Should I update you on my scores? No. The scores you submit on or before the February deadline are sufficient.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement?
Yes. All high school applicants must have and maintain at least a 3.0-grade point average on a 4.0 scale. All college applicants must have a 2.75-grade point average on a 4.0 scale.

Do I have to be a United States citizen to apply for a scholarship?
Applicants are required to be U.S. citizens or permanent residents (in possession of a Permanent Resident Card) in the process of becoming U.S. citizens.