MBA Scholarship from Imperial College Business School – Apply Now!


If you are a student who is currently debating upon the idea of going for an MBA degree at one of the top universities we have in the world, then this article is definitely for you. If you ask us, having an MBA degree at an outstanding university something that one should have great aspirations for. You may already have your head filled with questions at the moment but keep still because this article would answer those questions.


Just so you know, a Master of Business Administration is a postgraduate programme that is meant especially for people who are already in possession of work experience in one field or the other and wish to gain extensive knowledge on things related to business practices.


It is already a known fact that an MBA is a very prestigious degree which is often highly appreciated by employers.


This degree has various paths available to help advance the careers of professionals from any discipline. Now imagine having an MBA degree from a place like the Imperial College Business School, a top-rated and largely recognized graduate business school. That is definitely a boost to anyone’s academical status and whatever goals they have planned for.


“What can I do with an MBA?”, “Are there any benefits that comes with possessing an MBA?”, “Is it worth it?”. These aforementioned questions are just few out of many others that people ask whenever you propose the idea of pursuing and MBA degree to them.


You should now note that some of the benefits that comes with an MBA degree from somewhere like the Imperial College Business School, includes:

A satisfactory MBA salary after graduation.


An opportunity to land a management position.


It comes in handy when it comes to developing a strong professional network.


Comprehensive knowledge acquisition on how to start your own business from scratch.


The reality of becoming your own boss.


You should also note that an MBA degree at the Imperial College Business School will set you apart in the job market and will also give to you and other students, the opportunity learn from world-class faculties which would bring practical and research-led coursework into the classroom.


It would also help you and others with understanding organisations holistically, managing them effectively and thinking strategically.


There are thousands of students who have been dreaming of pursuing an MBA degree at the Imperial College Business School but due to high expenses and other costs, they have to shut those dreams off. This is actually where scholarships come in to help.


There are currently several available MBA scholarship programs that you reading this, can be part of. These scholarships should be able to cut down costs and chase your academical objectives without having to deal with heavy expenses.


The Imperial College Business School offers lots of scholarships to students in order to help and support them if they do not have enough financial capabilities to go for an MBA degree. In this article, we would be listing some of the available scholarships that you can apply for.


If you are an student whose wish is to study at this business school, some of these MBA scholarships will be listed below and if you have it in mind to apply, be sure to visit the official website.


1. Black Future Leader Award

Imperial College Business School is a known global organization that receives lots of students from different parts of the world. But it has been noticed that students from Black or mixed black backgrounds are underrepresented in the school’s student cohort.


In order to put an end to this, the school is offering scholarships to students (from all regions) with Black or mixed black backgrounds, who can demonstrate their leadership potential and want to make a positive contribution to the Imperial community.


This scholarship is available to applicants who can demonstrate an outstanding track record of leadership and also leadership potential. Successful awardees of this scholarship, get to receive 50% of the tuition fee.



An excellent academic background.


An excellent track record of professional achievement.


A strong track record of leadership and/or leadership potential.


The overall strength of your application and interview performance, including references.


Self-identification of ethnicity from a Black or mixed background (including Black African or Black Caribbean and any other mixed black background) is also a requirement.


2. Imperial Excellence Scholarship

Up to £15,000 worth of scholarships are available for applicants who are willing to demonstrate an all-round excellence in their application and also interview performance. It is important to know that applicants who apply before the final admissions round deadline and receive an offer for the programme will be considered automatically.



The requirements for the Imperial Excellence Scholarship includes an excellent application, strong professional or internship experience, clear career plan and also a leadership potential.


3. Dean’s Impact Scholarship

£25,000 is set to be given to candidates who demonstrate impact and achievement in any of the five key areas:


Technology and Innovation


Social Impact



The aim of the Dean’s Impact Scholarship is to benefit business and improve society through the significant power of innovative thinking. You should also note that all successful applicants are eligible to apply for this award.


Awards for this scholarship will be made throughout the admissions cycle but only a limited number are available, so we recommend applying early.


4. Advisory Board Scholarship

Thanks to generous donations from the Imperial College Business School’s Advisory Board, the Advisory Board Scholarship has now been made available in order to provide the opportunity and means for exceptional candidates to enroll on the Full-Time MBA course.


This scholarship is available to self-funded candidates who are in financial need and also demonstrate exceptional academic merit and/or potential.



The Advisory Board Scholarship requires that:

You have an excellent track record of professional achievement and a very strong academic background.


You possess a high and well-balanced GMAT/GRE score.


You have a satisfactory performance during the admissions process, where academic and professional merit will be judged.


Your professional references and also your video submission are additional requirements for this scholarship. For more information regarding this, be sure to visit the official website.