Top Scholarships from Newcastle University – Apply Now!

Quite a couple of times, when you mention Newcastle to people who are not too familiar with the city, you get to see that their response to whatever the conversation is about, leans towards the city’s professional football club. It should be important to note that the Newcastle United F.C. is not the only thing that this great city has to give to residents and visitors.


This city is actually the most populous city of North East England and if you ask us, that sounds like a city with lots of golden opportunities lying around, waiting to be discovered by lucky individuals, hardworking people and also people who know where to look. Knowing where to look is an important factor in what we’d be talking about in this article.


Apart from the football club that this city has, there is also the Newcastle University, an institution that is very much respected and known around the world. The Newcastle University is known to be part of some of the most outstanding and largely recognized top universities in England and also around the world, this article will give more hints on why this is so.


This university staying atop frequently is just one out of several other feats that we shall briefly discuss about further down this article. The issue we have here is costs, study costs are on the rising and they don’t seem to be coming down at all.


In this article, we are going to be looking into how as a student, you can actually deal with those heavy costs via scholarships which would be listed further in this article. But just before we go into the extensive details, let us discuss on why you should pick the Newcastle University as a place for studying.


Why You Should Study At Newcastle University

Since its establishment in 1834 (188 years ago), first as the School of Medicine and Surgery, the Newcastle University has always stood atop when it comes to some of the best universities in the world which students choose often.


Alongside the attribute of being a widely recognized and respectable university, this university has been very dedicated producing several great individuals with brilliant minds who are ready to positively change and reform the world. The truthful and exciting part about this is that you can actually be part of those well-meaning individuals.


There are currently about 30 thousand recorded students at the Newcastle University who are there to study and pursue their different academical objectives. This university is open to all who are ready to go after their educational goals in whatever field of study they are interested in.


The Newcastle University can boast of:

A supportive system of learning.


High-grade learning facilities.


A multi-cultural learning environment.


Top-notch educational system.


Skilled tutors who are ready to mend students with intelligent minds.


Various supportive scholarship programs.


Now, for those of you reading this who are very much interested in the scholarship programs that the Newcastle University has to offer, it is delightful to note that you can be part of the awardees.


With these scholarship programs, students can now get the chance to chase transformational educational objectives without having to deal with study costs, travel costs, tuition, accommodation costs and other costs of living.


In this article we shall be listing some of the top scholarships that this university has to offer. If you are an aspiring student whose wish is to study at the Newcastle University, some of these scholarships will be listed below and if you have it in mind to apply, be sure to visit the official website.


1. Cowrie-Black Heart Foundation Scholarships

The Cowrie Scholarship Foundation (CSF) is seeking to offer two scholarships to support and assist Black African and Caribbean heritage applicants from socio-economically under-represented backgrounds. This scholarship is dedicated towards given helping hands to students who fall under the eligible ethnic groups.


The Cowrie Scholarship Foundation wants to fund 100 Black British students through UK universities including the Newcastle University in the next decade. The applicants for this scholarship are required to be ordinarily resident in the UK and commencing undergraduate study.


If you eventually become a successful awardee of this scholarship program, you get to receive a coverage of your home UK tuition fees and a maintenance stipend of up to £8,000 for each year of your course.


It is also important to know that the scholarship is tenable for the duration of your programme of study, subject to satisfactory progression.



Before you can be considered eligible for the Cowrie-Black Heart Foundation Scholarships, you must:

Identify as belonging to one of the following ethnic groups: Black or Black British – Caribbean, Black or Black British – African, Mixed – White and Black Caribbean, Mixed – White and Black African, Other Black background.


Have firmly accepted an offer of a place by the relevant UCAS deadline on a first undergraduate full time degree programme at Newcastle University.


Have been assessed for fee status as a ‘home’ student.


Have a £25,000 per annum household income or less.


Have already made an application to your regional student funding authority for income assessed UK government financial support for higher education students.


2. Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships

The Newcastle University is pleased to offer 200 partial Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships to international students in order to help them study an undergraduate degree or postgraduate Master’s degree.


If you eventually become a successful awardee of this scholarship, you get to receive £4,000 tuition fee awards. There are 200 in total scholarships (for undergraduate and postgraduate courses).



Before you can be considered eligible for the Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships, you must:

Be domiciled in either Indonesia, India, Thailand, Malaysia or Vietnam.


Applicants domiciled in Nigeria can only be considered if they have applied for one of the following, eligible courses: LLM Emerging Technologies and the Law, LLM International Commercial Law, MSc Accounting, Finance and Strategic Investment, MSc International Business Management, MSc Digital Business, MA International Relations, MA International Development and Education, MSc Renewable Energy, Enterprise and Management.


Have been offered a place to study on an eligible undergraduate or Master’s degree course at the University’s Newcastle city centre campus.


Be assessed as international for fee purposes.


3. Edward Long Scholarship

Just so you know, the Edward Long Scholarship is actually provided by Paul Long (BA History, 1979) to offer scholarship funding to two undergraduate students from the North East. Two scholarships are available to stage 1 undergraduate students with an annual scholarship of £5,000 for three years of study.



Before you can be considered eligible for the Edward Long Scholarships, you must:

Be an undergraduate home (UK based) student, entering stage 1 of study.


Be from a care-experienced background.

For more information regarding this, do well to check the official website.